April 16th, 2017

shin eating


There's some good news and some bad news.  Good news is there is already an fmabigbang over on DW. Link is HERE! Bad news is it hasn't been updated in 6 years, and I am not a moderator there. Hopefully this is an easy fix (I'll message enemytosleep and see what can be done), I will have to get back with you on that, but for now, just know there is a place for this community to land over on Dreamwidth.

Secondly, even if I do get the keys to the comm over there, there's just not enough interest to keep running it as it has been run in the past. The Tumblr mods made the decision to eliminate the LJ half because there was zero participation. If we run a 2017 round, we will be on our own. 2015 round I was the sole author who submitted a finished work, and I had 1 piece of artwork for the story from an artist I recruited from Tumblr. 2016 I worked as a mod and no LJ users submitted anything.

LiveJournal is dying as a place to enjoy fandom and it is showing all across the board. Every community I used to participate in has shuttered its doors and closed down, less and less people post here, and with the mass exodus to Dreamwidth, which I fear will be more of the same, LJ is all but dead. With that in mind, I am officially closing this community, will attempt to reopen it on DW, but unless we get at least 5 dedicated participants, there will be no 2017 round.


  • There's a DW version of this community already, I have to get moderator permissions and update the page for 2017.

  • Tumblr has dropped us from their festival due to lack of interest of LJ users

  • There will be no 2017 round at all unless we get at least 5 dedicated participants

  • The LJ version of this community is officially closed as we (and many others) are migrating to DW