Sonja Jade (sonjajade) wrote in fmabigbang,
Sonja Jade

AUTHORS: Your Deadline is Approaching!

AUTHORS: There’s less than a week to finish up that rough draft!  Remember- 15,000 words at bare minimum, the story must be complete (not edited but a complete story) upon submission, and if you haven’t selected a beta yet, please get with one of the mods so we can get you one.  Your final draft will have to be edited in order to count for this round.

ARTISTS: You’ve got 8 days before artist claims open. You may want to use this time to prepare your space, make sure you’ve got all your supplies ready/tablets are working, stock up on snacks, etc. It’s almost your time to shine!

BETAS AND PINCH HITTERS: Keep your eyes peeled for any updates we might have for you. As of right now, you guys are all in a holding pattern (sorry!) so just sit tight.

As always, mods are here for your questions and concerns! Let’s make that last push to finish these rough drafts on time guys!

Tags: 2016 cheerleading, mod post
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